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Skip Divers
Senior Application Engineer

Before there was Six Sigma, there was Skip Divers.

At Precision, everyone knows Skip is the go-to guy. Whenever anything goes wrong or needs to be done better -- whether it's the truck's transmission, drilling holes for bolts in the racks in the warehouse, or a grinding wheel performing below standard -- the first call is to Skip. He knows so much about a lot of things and he applies that knowledge across disciplines. This makes him one of Precision's most valuable resources.

Like Ron, Skip found his way to the abrasives industry by a different path. Originally, he owned and operated Skip's Auto Body in Braddock Hills, PA. He did general body work as well as custom jobs, and one story in particular illustrates his willingness to make the extra effort to make sure things are done the right way.

A first-time customer, Frank Cramer, presented Skip with a very difficult job on a ’61 Thunderbird - to match the color on a scratched metallic silver fender. Skip did the job, but when he saw Frank a few weeks later, Skip noticed a slight blemish in the finish. So he did the job again. And this second effort was almost up to Skip's standards.

Skip's third effort yielded a perfect match, and Frank, noting Skip's tenacity and desire to get things right, offered Skip a job. Frank, it so happens, was also an executive with Carborundum, a national abrasives company.

Skip and Frank eventually left Carborundum for Norton, and Skip rose quickly through the company. First as Manager of Sales Training, then Regional Sales Manager, and then Primary Metals Market Manager. He retired from Norton as General Sales Manager for the United Kingdom and joined Precision as a Senior Application Engineer.

During his days in auto body and car customization, some of Skip's customs made the covers of national magazines. Skip also enjoys boating on Pittsburgh’s three rivers.


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